Thursday, May 3, 2012

Charlie's 4 Year Old Check Up!

Charlie had his 4 year old check up 2 days ago.  He was super excited actually to go to the doctor for his very own appointment!  He said excitedly, "just for me?" I said "Yep! Just you!"  I think he's getting sick of being dragged to all of my OB appts.  (Me too by the way).  We were lucky enough to be in the "fishy room" which both kids loved.  Jill tried to crawl up on the table and sit next to Charlie - and he told her "No Jill, this is my appointment."  The show was all for him, don't try to steal it.  

 The doctor had him read an eye chart - and was impressed that he knew all of the letters.  He also asked Charlie to count to 20.  He counted 1-19 perfectly and then added another 13 at the end. :)  He carried on conversation with the doctor about his new soccer team and going to Joy School.  He laughed when the doctor tested his knee reflexes.  I just love Dr. Bean!  He is so good with kids and Charlie really feels comfortable there, which makes it nice for me.  Charlie was pretty offended by the 2 shots at the end - but overall he told me he liked going to the doctor.  (The nurse administers the shots, which I think is good - so Charlie doesn't associate pain with Dr. Bean).

He is learning and developing on track and growing strong and healthy as usual!  He is still in the 90th percentile for height and weight for his age (has been since he was about 6 months old).  He's more the size of an average 5 year old.  I'm sure one day he will be quite tall like his Dad.  He weighs 43.5 pounds and is 42 inches tall.  I think we are ready for more rides at Disneyland!
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