Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to our little Jilly Bean!

So last year I made a little video of Jill's 1st year and I decided to make it a tradition so I made another one. We love her to pieces and can't imagine what our lives would be like without her.
I also wanted to add two stories that I hadn't gotten on here to document before. When Jill first started really talking one of the first things she did was say "Bye, Bye" when you'd lay her down in her crib and start walking out. It was so sweet and always melted my heart. She's such a cutie.
The other one is about a month or so ago, she learned the magic word "why". Now, she asks why for everything and she'll keep going until you give her an answer that makes sense to her little 2 year old brain. You know when that's happened because she'll say "tay" (okay in Jill speak) and go along her way. It's been fun to see those little wheels start turning in her head and hopefully we can keep discovering things together and finding answers to all those questions.

Here are some fun pictures and collages from her fun birthday celebration!  Brian and Mindy were able to come over one last time - they moved the next day.  :(


Emily Blais said...

such a cute video. It inspired me to make Adam a few of those...maybe... Happy happy Birthday Jill!

Mindy Burns said...

That was too cute!!! Sat and watched it for the first time tonight and cried- miss her (and all of you) like crazy already!!!! That girls is THE CUTEST STINKIN GIRL EVER!!!!!