Sunday, June 17, 2012

ZOO Day!

While my Mom was here to help with Bennett, we made a trip to the Reid Park Zoo with the cousins.  The kids had lots of fun together as usual!  Charlie thinks he is a bubber and they are really nice friends to him.  We saw all the usual animals but we were especially glad to see the new elephants at the freshly expanded part of the zoo. Another highlight was feeding the giraffes.  They handed each of the kids 2 carrots to feed them.  Jill immediately put them in her mouth.  Once we showed her they were for the giraffes though - she loved feeding them!  She'd have put her whole hand in the giraffe's mouth if we'd let her.  Whereas Charlie just threw his carrots in the giraffe's general direction - trying to avoid all contact.  Funny how different they are!  Love 'em both!

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Julie said...

I'm so impressed you went to the zoo and tombstone in JUNE! No wonder you were feeling yucky! I'm not planning on leaving my house again until September. ;)