Sunday, June 17, 2012


When Bennett was almost 2 weeks old, we felt a little adventurous and decided to make the drive to Tombstone, AZ with my Mom and Brian's family.  It was probably a little more than we could handle - so luckily we had a lot of extra help.  We did manage to snap this one "family" picture in our matching shirts.  Bennett is asleep in my stroller, Charlie is asleep in Dave's, and Jill - well - she was too busy to fall asleep.  I had been feeling so nauseated and sick all day long.  We ended up calling it a day not too long after arriving and just loaded back in the car to head home.

The drive home was another adventure.  Bennett got hungry so we pulled off the freeway somewhere so I could feed him.  Dave decided the kids could have their suckers while they waited.  So Jill took a few licks and then decided to rub the sucker all over her head.  At that point, Dave took a picture to document her sticky mess and then he told me he was instituting "a new Johansen family rule: no more of those big huge lollipops ever!" I readily agreed.

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Julie said...

Jill is quite a character! Look at how long her hair is getting! Lollipop hair is still probably better than no hair.