Monday, October 1, 2012

10 Year High School Reunion

 After the wonderful family events on August 3rd, we followed that up with my 10 year High School reunion on August 4th!
 I got myself involved with the reunion committe and actually helped plan it all out.  I wasn't in charge of very much - just balloons and centerpieces and the family picnic which was a bring your own lunch deal.  Pretty easy.  My class had about 450 graduates and we estimate that about 100 people attended the event.  Some had significant others with them, so that skews that number a bit.  However - lots of my good friends were there!  A few missing for sure, but I was so happy so see some of my favorite people from High School.  My first 2 years in High School I was on Small Flags with Brianna and we couldn't help but bust a move or two to remember the good times.  We also took a pep squad picture with those of us who were there. 

 It was crazy to just mingle among the crowd and bump into old classmates and catch up for a few minutes.   A lot of people had such impressive educations, and careers going.  Nurses, lawyers, business folk, therapists, teachers etc..  I was proud to come from such a successful group!  A fun surprise was seeing an old substitute teacher come by to visit with everyone.  I should also say that I was so glad we had name tags! There were definitely a handful of people that I did NOT know! (and no they were not guests - the name tags for guests were different).  Always awkward when you look at their name tag before saying Hello!  :)   But one things for sure - I got a lot raised eyebrows for having 3 kids already!  I think there are only a few other gals in my class who are married with 3 kids too.

I was kinda nervous to go and wondered if I would have a good time.  I've heard lots of people say they didn't enjoy their reunions.  BUT, I really had such a great night!  It was so so fun.  Between the family events on Friday and this HS Reunion Saturday I was in this nostalgic bubble for several weeks after coming home!  We had such a fun time!


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