Friday, February 15, 2013

Visiting Temple Square

After going to church with Lindsay, we thought we'd take the kids to visit Temple Square for a while before heading to dinner at Dave's Aunt and Uncle's home.  It turned out to be a wonderful Sunday activity.  We enjoyed taking the kids through the visitors center, chatting with some missionaries, looking at gospel art, and visiting the Christis.  I always have an awe-inspiring feeling when I walk into that room.  The kids also loved "reverently" running through the temple grounds and drinking water out of the fountains.  Charlie and Jill especially enjoyed visiting the humanitarian exhibit in the Visitors Center.  They were asking lots of questions about all of the blankets and food and things that were on display to look like the humanitarian aid shipments that our church sends out.  It opened up a nice conversation about helping people in other places who are in need.  At one moment I caught Charlie listening to a video recording of President Monson.  He actually looked like he was listening, it was really cute.  He is growing up!

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