Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adventures in the snow

One of the things we did over Christmas break was to go up to my parent's property in the Sierra Nevada mountains to take in a little snow. It was quite the change from the experience we had had only 4 months earlier, but it was a lot of fun.

So this is going to be a LONG post with a LOT of videos, so rather than make the post even longer by continuing to yammer, I'll just caught right to the videos.

Charlie wasn't quite sure what to think of the snow at first, but he kept scratching at it to try and figure it out. (Facebook)

As part of Charlie's first experience in the snow, Grandpa worked on teaching him how to throw a snowball. Unfortunately, it was at me, but I guess he's got to learn somehow. (Facebook)

So he looked more like a puffed up bug than a baby, but this is Charlie making a snow angel (with some help from Jenni). (Facebook)

And we gave him one last chance to get all cold and wet in the snow. (Facebook)

Then we decided to do a little sledding and we started by dragging Cody up the hill, well, until he ate it. (Facebook)

But he got back on and finished the ride back up. (Facebook)

Then Cody and I were racing down the hill, but the bottom of my sled was all jacked up, I swear. (Facebook)

And even Jenni got in on the racing, but apparently her sledding skills were a little rusty. (Facebook)

So I finally decided to pass Jenni and try to catch up with Cody. ...and then Pops starts speaking for Charlie. (Facebook)

Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa watched Charlie after Jenni and I took off down the hill. (Facebook)

At the bottom of the hill, Jenni was still trying to figure out the turning thing, but fortunately for Charlie and Grandpa, she knew how to stop. (Facebook)

And even Charlie got in on the sledding action. (Facebook)

Then we transitioned over to the hill by the pond/pool, and Cody showed everyone how it's done. (Facebook)

Even though it took a try or two, Jenni didn't give up and made it all the way down the hill. (Facebook)

And we're not sure why, but the Old Man rode two sleds down the hill. (Facebook)

And here's a view of how much everything had changed in just a few months. (Facebook)

After I threw a small rock onto the pond, Cody decided that he would risk walking out onto the ice so we could see if it was sledworthy. (Facebook)

And even Jenni decided that she would give the hill a try, and on her first attempt almost makes it up and over the edge. (Facebook)

Despite Pops talents with the slowing down skills, it still hurt his back. (Facebook)

Cody was so helpful that he was even willing to help out those that didn't even ask for it. (Facebook)

Then Pops decided that he'd has enough and headed back in. (Facebook)

And Jenni decided to return the favor and give Cody a little push (I was sure that someone was going to get hurt during this, but fortunately no one did). (Facebook)

It finally all made sense and Cody and I decided that we would make it up and over the ledge before we left that day. (Facebook)

Only a few inches from clearing the top on this one, but I was able to leave happy because I made it later even though it wasn't captured on video (I swear). (Facebook)

Cody was finally able to get the best of the hill and celebrate the occurrence by doing a little jig. (Facebook)

And as the final video, I was able to catch a little air and almost make it up over the hill. (Facebook)

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