Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A will of his own

I'm still working on catching up from Christmas and such, but Jenni and I have been enjoying the experience of watching Charlie start to express interests in things and discover ways of making it happen (if it makes you feel any better about the blog slacking, our Christmas lights are still up outside). So this is a couple videos to show off Charlie's new found abilities and interest in the world around him.

Charlie has discovered mirrors and he doesn't seem to realize that it's himself, so Jenni and I joke that he's playing with his "brother". It's always fun to re-discover the little joys of the world while watching the little guy. (Facebook)

As Jenni already talked about, Charlie was more interested in the paper than the present, so it was fun to watch unwrap presents and make sure he didn't eat any of it. (Facebook)

This is another video of him unwrapping a present, but he accidentally got a hold of someone else's present to start off with. (Facebook)

He also got the chance to hang out with his Aunts and Uncles from the Johansen side of the family. (Facebook)

And he really liked all of the attention he got. (Facebook)

He also got a chance to play with his second cousin, Morgyn (her Dad, Mike Schmidt, is my cousin), and he was still working on figuring out how to crawl. (Facebook)

The little guy also got quite a bit of love for everyone who couldn't resist squeezing his chubby cheeks. (Facebook)


Hoenesclan said...

I love it when they look in the mirror. Do you think if I came over J-jo, that you could give me an airplane ride?

Jenni Johansen said...

fo sho k ho.