Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He's saying jam

We're leaving for Sacramento this afternoon to go to my sister's wedding and so I thought I'd write a post in the same vein as the "I suck" one (funny stuff Charlie says), and throw in a funny picture of Charlie while I was at it. The first funny thing he says is actually a "combo". When Charlie was younger and first starting to talk, Jenni and I would always say stuff like "oh! yogurt" when we finally figured out that "gigurt" meant yogurt. Apparently, Charlie noticed that and started to believe that that was magic code to get us to understand him, so he would just say "oh! 'blah'" with the same inflection that we would use when we couldn't figure out what "blah" meant. The funniest one was that he would very frequently just use the word "this" and would end up saying "oh! this". It was pretty cute and always funny to see the little guys brain trying to figure out his parents.
The second part of that is that then Charlie would notice that Jenni and I would say, "he's saying 'blah'" when one of us figured out what he was saying, so then one day he wanted jam on his toast and Jenni and I were busy running around, so he said "he's saying jam" and assumed that we'd finally understand him and bring him his jam. We obviously both got a good chuckle out of it and he has since realized that it's funny and will just randomly say, "he's saying jam" to try and get a laugh. But the funniest part about the whole "he's saying" thing is that we almost always know what he's saying and once again he just thinks its some sort of magic word that will get Mom and Dad to do something.

The next thing funny thing is part of his night time routine. Around the time that Charlie switched over to sleeping in a normal bed, Jenni started wrapping him up and saying "like a mummy". He quickly started requesting "blanket like a mummy" every night. Then a few weeks ago he said "like a daddy" when I was wrapping him up. Apparently, he's not familiar with Egyptian history and has been thinking that we say "like a mommy", but now anytime Jenni's near by and I'm putting him to bed, he'll say "like a daddy" and smile. He knows it's always good for a laugh out of Jenni and takes full advantage of that fact.
On the not so funny side, this morning I was having Charlie help me mow the lawn and the bag fell off the mower as I was walking to the trash. I said "oh crap" and then what did I hear from a few feet away? That's right, our little parrot decided that was his new phrase. He spent the next 15 minutes walking around saying "oh crap". I guess I should just be glad that all I said was "oh crap".
And on an unrelated topic, Charlie is currently in his room to take a nap before we leave for the airport. Since he sleeps in a bed and has figured out the light switches, he usually turns on the light and plays for 15-20 minutes before falling asleep. Jenni had told me this happens, but I had never seen it and then just now he walked over, turned the light off and toddled over to his bed. Such a funny little kid.


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What a funny little dude!!!

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Such a cute little guy! We really need to get our boys together sometime soon!