Sunday, May 2, 2010

Danielle & Jon's Wedding - May 1, 2010

 Dave's little sister Danielle got married yesterday in the Sacramento Temple.  This is Dave's immediate family (from left to right): Me, Dave, Charlie, his Mom - Diana, the groom - Jon, Danielle, his Dad - David, his younger twin brothers Devin and Cody.
 The cute bride and groom in front of the Temple.
 Dave and I in front of the temple on Thursday when Danielle went to the Temple for the first time.  It was my first time being through the Sacramento Temple.  It is a small temple, but very beautiful as all temples are.  We enjoyed being able to attend the temple, it had been quite a while!
 Charlie and Dave trying to survive the picture taking process.  It took a lot of Pez candy to get Charlie to cooperate, but he was super cute in his little red vest and bow-tie.
Dave's boutonniere had trouble cooperating too.
 This is Dave's immediate and some extended family.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Sandy Johansen are next to me, Aunt Deb Townsend is on the opposite side and Grandma Maude Johansen is in the front.
 Danielle with her older brothers and the Groom.  She looked super cute and happy all day!
 The only other boy that got to kiss the bride on the lips!
A cute shot of the bride!

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Hoenes Family said...

What a beauty! I love the pic of her and Charlie. So cute.