Tuesday, May 11, 2010


While we were in Sacramento for the wedding, we were able to hit the California Train Museum as well.   Charlie's Grandma and Grandpa Johansen know how much Charlie loves trains and treated us to the museum admission and then lunch after.  (They also took us on a train ride to the Grand Canyon at Christmas time).  Grandma Johansen bought Charlie a souvenir Thomas train which goes with us almost everywhere.  (Yesterday on our walk around the neighborhood, he held that Thomas with him in the stroller the whole time.)  I was worried we'd lose it along the way but he still had it clutched between his chubby fingers when we got back so thankfully Thomas is still safe.
This is Uncle Devin.  He had fun showing Charlie around the museum as well.  During our trip Uncle Devin took a special interest in Charlie and taught him some wonderful new phrases, such as " Oh my Junk" and "Pimp Hands" and of course "Westside."  Charlie still says these phrases when he sees a picture of Devin.  He also does some hand signals that luckily no one can interpret when we are out on the town.  I don't want to offend any gangsters who see Charlie flashing signs.   In case you can understand him, he means it in the most affectionate way.
In addition to the Train Museum, Dave and I took Charlie to ride the Sacramento train.  Since Charlie LOVES trains, this was a big moment for him.  It was a short 40 minute ride that passes over the Sacramento River and gives you a glimpse of the capital building as well.  It goes about 5mph and they honestly warned us to not put any limbs outside the windows for fear they would get swiped off.  Riiiiiiight. But, we followed the rules anyway because I am generally afraid of getting in trouble.  (I once got a red card in elementary school for "playing footsie" at lunch and I am still scarred).  Charlie kept saying "choo choo" or "chugga chugga" or "click clack click clack" the whole time.  He stared out the window and loved every minute.  It was a nice little afternoon as a family. 

(This might appear like we are breaking the rules, but the train had stopped to move the engine cart to the other end to pull us back home (the route is not a loop) and that was when we got this shot.)  I had never seen something like this, it was cool.  One cart at the end just detached and rode along the track next to us back to the other side where it re-attached and they started the train back up again to return.
Nearby the Train Depot, there was a wonderful toy store where the back corner was completely dedicated to Trains.  They had a Thomas the Train episode playing on a TV and this large train table set up to play with.  It took a lot of convincing to get Charlie to finally leave.  Some candy was involved.  He loved the train table and knew the names of most of the Thomas trains they had.  He talks a lot about Thomas, James, and Rosie lately because he has these squishy ones for bath time that you can fill with water like a rubber ducky (special thanks to his friend Avery for this birthday present).  We even have to bring Thomas, James, and Rosie to the pool with us because they are so fun and love to go "fwimmin."
Overall, I am sure Charlie loved the wedding more, but this was definitely right up his alley coming in close 2nd to his favorite part of the trip. :0)  Stay tuned for our post about the mountains.

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Hoenes Family said...

Hooray for trains! What a fun time. Oh my junk that is hilarious!